User interface

The User interface of Mandala Painter is simple but powerful. We recommend you to try everything, and see what's happens!

The toolbars are draggable and resizeable. Feel free to customize the UI for your needs.
In the Mandala menu you can select your Language and in the Preferences you can change the skin of the application.
As an MDI application you can work with several Mandalas at the same time. Each has it's own settings.

Your first step will be probably to create a New Mandala .
In the Size box specify the width, height and the size unit of your new image.
If Square shaped is checked then width and height will change simultaneously.

Attention! If you want to work with big Mandalas you should use a fast PC with lots of RAM.

Resolution and paper specifies the background color and the Dot Per Inch value for printing. DPI is only important if you work with cm,mm, or inch. In case you specify the size in pixels it has no use.

If you don't know what is DPI read this:

The keyboard shortcut for the New is CTRL-N.

To withdraw the failed paintings, modifications use the Undo function.
When you move through the Undo list you can see the past stages. Clicking on the proper item will restore the Mandala to that stage.
We are very proud of this feature :)

The maximal number of the items controlled in the Preferences.
The keyboard shortcut for the Undo is CTRL-Z.


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