Transforming Layers

Transforming changes a Layer appearance by modifying one or more of its physical characteristics. The free transform function in Mandala Painter include scaling, rotating and skewing.

  • Scale
    Changes the size of the Layer
  • Rotate
    Rotates the bounding box clockwise (positive angle) or counter-clockwise (negative angle)
  • Skew
    Makes the image look like it is leaning. The top or bottom of the bounding box shifts to the left or right, OR the left or right side of the bounding box shifts up or down. The corner angles of the bounding box change but the opposite sides remain parallel.

When you transform a Layer using the Free Transform tool, you grab one of the handles of the Layer and basically stretching the picture.

  • Using Free Transform mode:
    • Select the Layer you want to Transform
    • Press CRTL-T
    • or go to Main Menu / Edit / Free Transform
    • Drag the handles to scale and rotate
    • Press and hold SHIFT at scale if you want centered scale
    • Press and hold CTRL at scale if you want skew
    • Press ENTER or double click with the left mouse button if you satisfied with the result
    • Press ESC if you want to cancels

Layer Transform Videos


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