Working with Layers

Creating layers

A new Mandala has a single layer. The number of additional layers you can add to a Mandala is limited only by your computer's speed and memory. You can create empty layers and paint onto them, or you can create new layers the from existing ones. When you create a new layer, it appears above the active layer.

  • To add a new empty Layer
    • click the New Layer button in the Layers palette
    • or go to Main Menu / Layer / New

Selecting Layers

If a Mandala has more than one layers, you must choose which layer you want to work on. Any changes you make to the Mandala affect only the active layer. You select a layer to make it active, and only one layer can be active at a time. The active layer is grayed on the Layers palette.

  • To select a layer:
    • Click onto a layer in the Layers palette

Show / Hide layers

Use the Layers palette to selectively hide and display layers.

  • To change the visibility of a layer:
    • In the Layers palette, click the eye icon next to a layer to hide its content in the Mandala window. Click on the grayed eye again to redisplay the content.

Duplicating layers

Duplicate layers to copy content within a Mandala.

  • To duplicate a layer within a Mandala:
    • In the Layers palette, click on the two small pages icon, and the active layer will be copied
    • or go to Main Menu / Layer / Duplicate Layer

Changing the stacking order of layers

The stacking order in the Layers palette determines whether the content of a layer appears in front of or behind other elements in the image.

  • To change the order of layers:
    • Drag the layer up or down in the Layers palette. Release the mouse button where you want to place the layer.

Renaming layers

As you add layers to a Mandala, it's helpful to rename the layers based on their content. Using descriptive names allows you to easily identify layers in the Layers palette.

  • To rename a layer:
    • Double-click on the layer name in the Layers palette, then enter a new name as the cursor appears. Press enter when you finished the editing.

Deleting layers

Deleting layers that you no longer need reduces the size of your Mandala file and speeds up the work. Less memory and less space needed on the hard drive.

  • To delete a layer:
    • Select the layer then click on the trash icon
    • or go to Main Menu / Layer / Delete Layer

Layer Blending Video

Flattening Mandala

In a flattened Mandala, all visible layers are merged into one layer, which reduces the file size. It's helpful when you want to copy your Mandala to the Windows clipboard.

Flatten Mandala Video

Merging Layers

Often you will want to combine two layers into one, so that adjustment you make will apply to both of them. Caution: once layers are merged, there is no going back just the Undo which is limited by the setting and the memory! The two are inseperably connected.

You can merge the Original or the Rendered layers. Please read the Layers introduction to see what is the difference.

Merge Original Videos

Merge Rendered Videos

Keep Rendered Video





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