Using Photoshop plug-ins

This feature is experimental! Only some of the plugins are supported.

By default Mandala Painter 3 comes with Harry's Filters 3.01 (Copyright 1997-2007 by Harald Heim & The Plugin Site) and PhotoFreebies 1.01 (Copyright (c) 2003-2007 by Harald Heim & The Plugin Site)

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Installing and using Photoshop plug-ins

  • Copy your Photoshop compatible plug-ins to Mandala Painter plug-in directory
    (defaults to c:\Program Files\Mandala Painter 3\Plug-ins )
  • Click on Main Menu / Filters / Load Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins
  • This will scan you plug-ins folder and shows the registered plug-ins in the Main Menu / Filters menu
  • If you install new filters you have to restart Mandala Painter 3
  • To activate a filter, select a layer then select the plug-in from the Filters menu

Photoshop default plug-ins won't work with Mandala Painter because of a technical limitation of the plug-in architecture.
So you shouldn't copy the every .8bf file from your Photoshop directory.

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