Printing is easy so we don't want to bore you with lots of things:)

  • You can similary zoom the preview area as the painting window: With the .25x,5x,1x,2x buttons or the slidebar. The first two button is: Show all and Fit width .
  • Show border shows a dotter rectangle around the Mandala it's not included in the final print just in the preview area.
  • Show margin turns on and off the page margin. This is also not included in the print just the preview area.
  • It's easy to figure out what is the purpose of the Print and Close buttons :)
  • Poisition aligns the Mandala to the edges of the paper or to the center. If you select and edge alignment then the Margins controls the distance from the paper end.
  • With Scale image it's possible to magnify the Mandala before print. To control the quality of the magnification go to the Properties (Main Menu / Mandala / Settings / Print ).
  • If you get strange colors at print check the Color correction in the Properties dialog.
  • Shortcut for the print dialog is: CTRL-P

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