Symbol Directory Management

You can create your own Symbol collections.
Symbols are stored in the symbols directory under the Mandala Painter 3 installation dir.
Default maps to c:\Program Files\Mandala Painter 3\Symbols

If you create a directory from Windows Explorer under this directory it will apper after the next restart in Mandala Painter. You can put a 20x20 pixel size icon.bmp into the dir. This will be displayed in the symbol window. Put your tif, bmp, png, psd files into your own symbol directories and use them freely.

Alternativel you can create symbol directories by using the first folder icon in the bottom of the Symbol window.

Put your BMP files under your newly created directory. Every Symbol directory has a icon.bmp file that appears in the Symbols window (you click on them). The size is 20x20 pixel, if you create an icon and put into your own Symbol directory you'll see it in the listing.


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